Peasant Farm Enterprise Derevyanko V.I.

The high quality
of our products

guarantees reliable and conscientious partnership

We have been growing
grain since 1993
We are leaders among the enterprises
of the Krasnodar Region
More than 400,000 tons
of products were sold in 2021

Peasant Farm Enterprise Derevyanko V. I.

Peasant Farm Enterprise Derevyanko V.I. was founded in march 1993.

The main activity is the cultivation of grain crops.

Active investment in modern agricultural machinery, the use of innovative methods of cultivation for agricultural crops and optimization of the sown areas structure allow to ensure the growth of production efficiency and soil fertility.

For many years Peasant Farm Enterprise Derevyanko V.I. has been a leader among agricultural enterprises of the Krasnodar Region in term of grain and legumes yield.

Export of products

Exporting of our products is one of the key development areas of Peasant Farm Enterprise Derevyanko V.I.

Active and successful experience of cooperation with a large number of international companies allows us to look to the future with confidence.

We carry out export deliveries of our products to the countries of the Mediterranean, Western and South-East Asia, South Africa.

Our immediate plans include increasing the range of export products and expanding the partner network abroad. Our company is always open to new business partners and effective long-term cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis.


The high level
of product quality


Large amount of
products in stock


Own fleet including more
than 200 motor vehicles


Flexible conditions
of cooperation


Individual approach
to each client

Крестьянское фермерское
хозяйство ДЕРЕВЯНКО В.И.

Краснодарский край, Новокубанский р-н, ст-ца Бесскорбная, ул. Культурная 71

Peasant Farm Enterprise
Derevyanko V.I.

71 Kulturnaya Str., Besskorbnaya village, Novokubansk district, Krasnodar Region 352462, Russia