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Wheat is the main cereal crop, which is actively used in many countries all over the world. The flour obtained from wheat grains is used in baking bread, making pasta and confectionery products. Wheat ia also used as a feed crop. The value of this cereal is determined by the content of useful microelements, the most of which are proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
GOST R9353-2016


Barley is one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history. Barley grain is widely used for food, technical and feed purposes, including in the brewing industry, in the production of pearl barley and barley. Barley is one of the most valuable concentrated feed for animals, as it contains comlete protein, rich in starch and A provitamin, B vitamins and microelements such as calcium, phosphorus, iodine, especially a lot of silicic acid.
GOST 28672-2019


Corn is an important cereal plant widely cultivated worldwide on an industrial scale and is an important food, fodder and technical crop. The main natural advantages of corn are the high content of potassium, phosphorus and vitamins of the deficient group.
GOST 13634-90


Sunflower is the most important oilseed crop of world and domestic agriculture. It is used primarily for the production of sunflower oil, which is then used for cooking or for technical needs. The seeds contain vitamin PP and E, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids (especially linoleic).
GOST 22391-2015



Peas are a leguminous agricultural crop. Its seeds are distinguished by their digestibility and high taste qualities. Mature, unripe seeds (green peas) and green beans (vegetable varieties) are used in the canning industry. Green peas contain 25-30% sugars, vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, minerals. Pea seeds contain 23-30% protein.
GOST 28674-2019


Soy is the most common among legumes and oilseeds. It serves as a raw material for a wide range of food products, and the high content of protein and valuable food components allows it to be used as an inexpensive and useful substitute for meat and dairy products.  Among leguminous crops the composition of essential amino acids soybean is the richest.
GOST 17109-88

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