Peasant Farm Enterprise Derevyanko V.I.


Peasant Farm Enterprise Derevyanko V.I. was founded in March 1993.

The main activity is the cultivation of grain crops.

Active investment in modern agricultural machinery, the use of innovative methods of cultivation for agricultural crops and optimization of the sown areas structure allow to ensure the growth of production efficiency and soil fertility.

For many years Peasant Farm Enterprise Derevyanko V.I. has been a leader among agricultural enterprises of the Krasnodar Region in term of grain and legumes yield.

Successful activity over 29 years has allowed us to significantly expand the area of land holdings and form our own vehicle fleet, consisting of more than 120 VOLVO trucks, which made it possible to sell about 400 thousand tons of agricultural products in 2021, including for export.

The quality of the goods sold is strictly controlled in the Peasant Farm Enterprise’s own laboratory, supported with modern equipment.

The Peasant Farm Enterprise cooperation policy with partners implies an individual approach to each counterparty, loyalty in terms of payment, timeliness of delivery times, and the required for the buyer volume of agricultural products.

Letters of Appreciation from the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

Diplomas of the Governor of the Krasnodar Region.

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Крестьянское фермерское
хозяйство ДЕРЕВЯНКО В.И.

Краснодарский край, Новокубанский р-н, ст-ца Бесскорбная, ул. Культурная 71

Peasant Farm Enterprise
Derevyanko V.I.

71 Kulturnaya Str., Besskorbnaya village, Novokubansk district, Krasnodar Region 352462, Russia